Now lets talk about Darjeeling Town!!

So been around and taken an aerial view of Darjeeling with the roads, the location a bit about the mix of life , now lets divulge and see for ourselves what lies in the Town.

With the government establishments, educational institutions , commercial buildings and the famous market place all decked up with a circumference of about two kilometers Darjeeling is a closely knit township. It must be noted that during the pre-independence era when still colonized by the British the place was designed for summer retreat and retirement life , and with a population of just two thousand (2000) people it then kinda wore a deserted look. This is pretty evident with the dozens of spooky tales that were narrated by our Grand-pa. The stories of the chudels, and the bhut pretes (ghostly fairies and evil witches) still can turn a Gorkha pale in his face. 🙂

The main taxi stand, aka Motor Stand is in the base of the town valley , shops dot the sides of the road on both the sides.  Hotels and other government establishment is located on the upper regions of the same valley.  A market place selling spices and other local condiments (Bich galley), is a place of nasal delight. When you return home and whiff the air filled with all these stuffs , you unconditionally have to believe that you are in Darjeeling. The smell of gundruk, kinema, churpi... sold in front of the Lakshmi Bhandar lane , whoa I can smell them while I write this note.

Fashion lovers are usually found on the upper reaches at the Dragon Market, Mahakal Market or the Fancy Market. Fashion is one thing that comes first on the streets of Darjeeling before hitting the studios of Mumbai. (once I thought I had come to Korea and had to double check my bearings cuz of the local clad Korean lookalike ) Apart from these you will find even more shops in some nook and corner selling branded lookalikes from Louis Vuittons to Gucci , Prada and even more .

The relax hub is at the helm of the valley, proudly called Chow  or Chowrastha , here you will find the old and the young all soaking up the sun. Time comes to a grinding halt when it hits the benches of Chowrastha.

club_stand Dragon_market

So this was my town , keep posted to get to learn more about my place..


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