▧▨ Darjeeling Ropeway ▧▨

The Darjeeling ropeway is another tourist spot that is a smash hit with both the domestic as well as the international ones.


Incidentally I met one such Darjeeling enthusiast who had come all the way from Ecuador. I on one of my trips back home had decided to take a joy ride and happened to meet this guy. As the cable car went down all the way from Singamari to Tukvar  the excitement was clearly visible in his face.  He was simply awed by the beauty of the tea gardens and the beautiful Kanchendzonga in the backdrop.

I for my part recalled the days when I had last traveled in this cable car. It was a long time ago, and then the ropeway service was disrupted following a fatal accident in October 2003. Four tourists had died after some cable cars fell down the gorge following a snap in the cable.

However, after a lot of enquiry and inspection and repairs the Ropeway is operational today and offers a magnificent aerial view of the Tukvar-Rangeet valley .


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