Water Colours by Harish Subba

Harish Subba and his creations.


▧▨ Darjeeling Ropeway ▧▨

The Darjeeling ropeway is another tourist spot that is a smash hit with both the domestic as well as the international ones. Incidentally I met one such Darjeeling enthusiast who had come all the way from Ecuador. I on one of my trips back home had decided to take a joy ride and happened to…

A step towards Darjeeling.

Let us begin our journey into Darjeeling with an old classic of the town. The majestic Kanchenjunga Range in the backdrop fits for a perfect skyline. Mark Twain  described Darjeeling as “The railway journey up the mountain is forty miles, and it takes eight hours to make it. It is so wild and interesting and exciting…

Welcome !!

Leave behind your baggage of worries , trouble and tension, be ready to be relaxed and enter the enchanted land of the mesmerizing hills.